**Not  recommended for children 14 and under **

**Children 14 and under MUST be accompanied by an adult**

All New Touch Optional Nights, First 2 Weekends of November

*The first 2 weekends of November will be touch optional. If you opt in to be touched you will receive a glow necklace. Wearing it WILL allow our actors to touch you, however you are NOT allowed to touch them. If at any point during the attraction you no longer wish to be touched you may throw your necklace on the ground to opt out.*

**During the lights out event all lights in the show will be turned off.Your group will have 1 glow stick to make it through the attraction. All actors and animatronics will still be fully operational at this time**(Touch option will be available at this event)

* *Dates and times are subject to change due to inclement weather. Dates may also be added depending on the volume of guests. Please continue to check this website for the

latest updates. In the event of bad weather please check this page or our Facebook page, as our status will be posted by 6p.m. Ticket booth opens at 6:30p.m**

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